Info on professional hair care products for women and home remedies for hair growth.


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Hair care for Women
The hair you have is determined at birth by your genetic makeup and can’t be changed.  But with proper hair care, you can enhance the look and strength of hair. So evaluate all professional hair care products and choose one that suits you. You can also try the various natural home remedies for hair growth.

A Few Hair Care Procedures for Women
Drink plenty of water for your hair if you want shiny and supple hair. Keep your hairs away from sun and don’t do too much blow-drying. Take a protein-rich diet, massage your scalp regularly and apply natural hair conditioners for soft and supple hair.

Massaging Your Scalp
A good scalp massage stimulates blood circulation in the roots. It takes just 2 to 3 minutes to get a scalp massage.

A proper scalp massage consists of the following steps.

Brushing/Combing Your Hair

  • Use a brush made of animal bristles having naturally rounded tips.
  • The bristles of your brush must be evenly spaced, embedded in rubber, and attached to a sturdy handle. Rubber cuts down on the static electricity that is built up at the time of brushing.
  • Don’t brush through a tangle. Use some cream to loosen the tangle and then brush.
  • Apply shampoo in warm water, and brush gently after each bath.
  • Give yourself a brush massage once a week.
Brush with firm, regular stokes from scalp to the chin for 10 minutes. Hold your hair in one hand and brush the ends below your chin. Don’t brush all the way through long hair in one stroke, it will uproot a few hairs from the root.

Combing Your Hair Oily Hair
Oily hair is a gift. Generally oily hair is very strong and healthy.
However, it can become stringy and limp, and is prone to dandruff. Dry Hair
Dry hair occurs when your scalp produces oils less than the amount required to
moisturize the shaft. This condition arises if you have few oil glands. Dry hair is brittle. Coarse Hair
Coarse hair is a type of hair that is very dull and hard to style.  Curly hair falls in this category. Processed Hair
If you have done much processing to your hair by perming, coloring or straightening, you need to be little gentle with it for sometime. Your processed hair might have become brittle and weak. Flat Hair
Flat hair is condition when your hair is heavily laden with conditioners and other stylizing products. They make the shaft heavy so that the hair lies flat on the scalp.