Tips on hair style and care - how to choose hair color and hair style


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Hair care covers both hair hygiene and hair cosmetology. It is a catchall term for hair style and care. Today, hair care is a major world industry. This section will help you learn about hair styling, hair conditioning, washing, replenishing and coloring.

How to Find a Hair Stylist?
No matter what the condition of your hair is, have your hair stylized by an experienced hair stylist. Irrespective of the volume and type of hair, an experienced stylist will make the most of your hair. Finding a good hair stylist may take some searching, but it's worth the time invested to locate the right one for your look and hair. Follow these steps to find an experienced hair stylist.

How to Choose a Hair Color
Properly coloring your hair gives a complete makeover to your facial beauty like that of getting a new haircut. It is changing the way other people look at us. Choosing a hair color depends on several factors like your complexion, skin color, dress, season and occasion.
Hair Styling Tips
A haircut, hairstyle or hairdo generally means cutting and styling the head hair. Unlike other animals we donít let our hair grow naturally, for convenience and aesthetic reasons we cut and stylize the hair. Hair styles and care are the distinguishing features of different cultures, races, and ethnic groups.
Growing Long and Healthy Hair
Health and length of your hair depend on your diet and hair care. Your hair is composed of α-keratin, a protein. Five amino acids that work towards building α-keratin are: cystine, cysteine, methionine, arginine and lysine. Your diet must also contain balanced amounts of vitamins and minerals. Long hair brings with it a lot of problems like breakage, splits, tangles, etc. Hence, long hair needs more intense care than short hair.