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Hair Style and Care - Introduction
A haircut, hairstyle or hairdo generally means cutting and styling the head hair. Unlike other animals we donít let our hair grow naturally, for convenience and aesthetic reasons we cut and stylize the hair. Hair cutting and styling can be the distinguishing features of different cultures, races, ethnic groups. Hair cutting/styling also reflects the personality of an individual.

Hair Style and Care - How to Choose a Hair Style
As discussed earlier, hair styling differs from individual to individual and culture to culture. Choosing a hair style depends on many individual considerations. To choose a hair style you have to look for several conditions and prioritize on some like:
One great way to find the best style for your face shape is to go through fashion and lifestyle magazines. The magazines can help you understand a lot about the current popular hair styles and then try a hair style you like.
In addition to the above points you (or your hair stylist) need to consider your facial structure and figure, because structure of your face plays a very important role in choosing a hair style.  That’s why so many hair styles have evolved for different face types like rounded, rectangular, elongated, etc.

Virtual Hair Styling
Experimenting with various hair styles can be risky. It might not give you the result that you desired. However, you can experiment with your hair style virtually. You donít need to visit a salon, donít need much time to spare and donít need to spend a fortune. Just click through the various hair types, colors as per your face (rectangular, oval, circular etc) and the color of your skin. And within no time you will get a dream hair style. Then you can ask your hair stylists to stylize you hair matching to the one that you selected on the net or by applying an offline virtual hair style application.

Besides, you can choose from the various styles of celebs and make it your own. Itís like What You See is What You Get.

Some Popular Hair Styles
  • Afro - typical of Africa and usually curly.
  • Bangs – produces a fringe of hair over the forehead.
  • Beatle haircut - Resembles the Early Beatles.
  • The Beehive: Large hair type.
  • Various long hair styles.
  • Bun – ties the hair into a bun on top.
  • Buzz cut – a short cut all over.
  • Bob - a short haircut for women.
  • Bowl cut - resembles The Three Stooges Character, Moe.
  • Caesar cut - a short haircut for men
  • Chonmage - hair on top and the sides shaved.
  • Cornrows  - a popular Afro-American style with raised, continuous braids woven closely to the scalp.
  • Crew cut - similar to buzz with longer hair.
  • Crop - a short haircut for women
  • Croydon facelift – pulls the hair tight into a ponytail.
  • Curllet - a hairstyle with long curly neck hair.
  • DA (duck's ass) - a hair style with long hair on sides and parted in back.
  • Devilock - a haircut, short in back and on sides, long in front
  • Dreadlocks - a hair cut with many long matted plaits.
  • Fauxhawk - a fake Mohawk style.
  • Feathered - a style which was quite popular during 1970s.
  • Finger wave - a popular hair style in the 1920s and 1930s
  • Flattop - another style resembling DA.
  • Fofa - short to medium length on the sides and back, with a receding hairline from the forehead back.
  • French braid - it is a classic hair style with long hair gathered into a ponytail.
  • Hockey Hair - a hair style with short bangs and of medium length "flipped up" hair in the back and sides.
  • Horseshoe Flattop
  • Induction Cut - it is a hairstyle with very short hair.
  • Layered hair - hair style where the top layers of hair are cut shorter than the layers beneath.
  • Liberty spikes - the hair style where the hair is arranged into long, thick, upright spikes.
  • Low and tight - cut/buzzed very hair style with short hair on sides and back up to a line above the ears but below the crown.
  • Mohawk - a hair style resembling the Mohicans with a central strip of hair growth.
  • Moptop - a shaggy straight haircut with straight fringe over the ears.
  • Pageboy - a hairstyle with hairs up to shoulder length except for a front fringe.
  • Perm - a style with straight and large curled look created by chemical relaxers.
  • Pigtails - a hair style with long hairs parted in the middle, tied on the sides, and often curled into ringlets.
  • Ponytail - a hairstyle where most of the hair is pulled away from the face and gathered at the back.
  • Quiff - a hairstyle where part of the hair is put up high on the top of the head.
  • Recon - a radical version of the High and Tight hair style.
  • Rat-Tail - is a male hair style with the hair cut short all over except for a long strip of hair growing on the back side of the head.
  • Shaven head - is a popular hair style for those with pattern baldness.
  • Short back and sides - a hair style also known as "boy's haircut"
  • Side-part - a hairstyle where the hair is parted on the side.
  • Spiked - a hairstyle where hair gel/spray/wax is applied to the hair daily to make series of hair spikes.
  • Tonsure - a hair style where the crown of the head is shaven