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Proper hair color gives a complete makeover to your facial like that of getting a new haircut. It is a way to change the way other people see us. Let’s discuss how to choose a hair color.
Choosing a hair color depends on several factors like your complexion, skin color, dress, season and occasion.

Since time immemorial, people across globe relate seasons and occasions with colors. Colors are inseparable from emotions and objects. Therefore, coloring hair is a traditional yet fashionable procedure.

Color and the Hair
The outermost layer of the hair shaft, the cuticle, has no color. Hair color is due to the presence of two kinds of melanin pigments eumelanin and phaeomelanin in the cortex of the hair shaft. The hair color we see is due to a combination of light that has passed through the colored cortex and light that is reflected by the smooth cuticle. In the case of white hair, there is no pigment in the cortex.

Types of Hair color
Hair color is divided into four different categories as per their tint and nature.

Hair Style and Care Basic Rules for Coloring Your Hair
Hair color is a very good product to experiment with your looks. Though there is no law as such to guide you in coloring your hair, you should go by your purpose and sense of color.Your purpose may be to add brightness to your face or match with the color of your favorite outfit. Follow these three rules to enhance the look of your hair.

Hair Color Tips for All Seasons
  Characteristics Suitable Unsuitable
Spring Soft, transparent taint, Light beige, peached color without blue tint All warm colors from bright wheat blonde to intense honey blonde.
Lighten your hair color.
Fleming red and all brown colors.
Summer Cool, slightly pale taint, bluish rose. Cool and subdued hair colors. Silver tones from platinum to ash blonde. Gold effect and blue red colors. Too dark colors of brown, all copper red.
Autumn Smooth ivory, yellowish color. All blond, red and brown tones. Golden orange, titan red and henna red. Select a color that comes close to your natural tone. Strong blonde, blue velvet red.
Winter Milky white titian without red cheek color, olive color with bluish touch. All brown colors, natural dark colors, blue-black colors, blue berry and black berry. All variations of blonde, brown tones with copper reflections.