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Non-professional and professional hair care products are distinguished by their quality. Professional hair care products are made for specific hair types. Whereas non-professional hair care products focus on certain aspects of hair beauty like cleansing capacity, shine, strength etc. There is rarely any differentiation for different hair types. But that situation has been changing and their difference is being blurred day by day.

All non-professional products are not bad, but you run the risk of choosing a product that may cause build up, dryness, color fading, breakage, lifelessness, frizziness etc. That means if you choose to use a non-professional product, you should monitor your hair closely for any adverse affects.

Pros and cons apart, your wallet and the condition of your hair determine the choice of your product.

Generally Hair Care Products can be divided into three types:
Besides the above products that are applied to the hair, there is another category of professional hair care products - hair care tools. The tools that your hair stylist uses and the tools that a hair-salon employs fall into this group.

Professional hair care is a catch-all term that embraces hair care as well as hair styling.

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