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With so much advertising on healthcare products, it is really difficult to choose the right hair care product. Choosing a natural hair care product for your particular hair style and texture can often be confusing. You should know which ones are worth buying.

Purchasing the latest and expensive hair care product may not be suitable for you. Letís be particular about what your hair demands.

Well, what are the basic hair care products that you need? A good shampoo, a conditioner, and a hair color.

First, irrespective of your hair type, choose a hair care product that contains no wax. Many over- the-counter hair care products contain wax. Take help from a professional and purchase professional hair care products - hair shampoos, hair color and hair conditioner.

Though you can compromise with over-the-counter hair shampoos, you should always go for professional hair conditioners. Also make sure the conditioner is made for your hair type. Professional conditioners do very little harm to your hair chemically.

Hair stylizing products are many. But you should use mousse for light, carefree and blow-dried styles, gel for curly and wet-looking styles and pomades for textured, funky and spiked styles.

Expensive vs. Inexpensive Hair Care Products
Lack of product knowledge might lead you to buy an inexpensive hair care product that makes very tall promises. But always remember most of the time you only get what you pay for.

Professional (expensive) hair care products and inexpensive hair care products are both faring well, and both have made the term “natural” banal. However, there are subtle differences between them.

The main difference between professional and cheap hair care products is the quality of the products, not the pricing. Sometimes you can get a professional product at a very reduced price. Sometimes price is not the bone of contention. If you know what you need from a product and if you can get that from a cheap product, it is better. So, stop looking at the sleek advertisements and look back at the product.

Besides, you should choose a hair care product as per your hair type. Let’s discuss about various natural hair care products for different hair types.

Normal hair
If your hair is normal (neither greasy or dry) and it has not been permed earlier, choose a shampoo and conditioner that are designed for normal hair.

Fine/greasy hair
If your hair is fine/greasy (limp, flat and volume) use shampoo and conditioners that are designed for greasy/fine hair.

Dry hair

For dry hair (pale, flat and brittle) never use strong cleansing shampoos. Use the products designed for dry hair. Apply moisturizer after washing your hair.

You can also choose natural hair care products as per their composition. Based on their composition and preparation, hair care products can be classified into: