Guide on fast hair growth product and supplements.


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What is a Cheap Hair Care Product?

Cheap hair care products are not a special category of hair care products, but they are low cost and less sophisticated products meant for mass consumption. Cheap hair care products like hair care shampoos, hair conditioners and hair colors which donít target a particular hair type. In contrast, the professional hair growth products and supplements are manufactured as per different hair and skin types like normal hair, dry hair, oily hair, and fair skin, wheatish color skin, dusky skin and dark skin.

Inexpensive yet Effective Hair Care Products
Professional hair care products are generally expensive. But, you can still get the effects of professional hair care at less cost. Consult a hair specialist and get a report of your hair and general body health. Then prepare a hair care product suitable for your hair type, in your home.

Some Simple Home Made Hair Care Products and Supplements

List of Major Herbs used in Hair Growth Products and Supplements