Info on natural hair care - scalp and hair problems, hair biology and hair anatomy.


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Natural hair care combines hygiene and cosmetology involving the hair. Hair adds beauty to the human figure. Hair care has become a major industry in the world. There are numerous hair care products meant for different purposes like hair nourishment, hair conditioners, shampoos, hair colors etc.

Everybody wants to maintain sound hair health by using natural hair care products. But before this, one should understand the hair anatomy and hair biology in order to employ the hair care tips and use the products.

Anatomy of Hair
Human hair is a filamentous outgrowth of the skin. It grows from follicles deep inside the skin and projects from the outer skin epidermis. As per its localization, human hair is called as body hair, head hair, armpit hair, pubic hair etc. The structure of hair is divided into two components: hair root and hair shaft. The main building block of hair is α-keratin, a kind of protein.
Hair Biology
Hair consists of up to 90% of a-helically coiled protein α-keratin, and about 10% water, which modifies its mechanical properties. α-keratin forms long protofibrils of about 100 m in length and 3 m in width. Many bundles of these protofribrils associate to form one strand of hair. The end of each keratin chain is rich in the amino acids proline and cysteine. Adjacent keratin chains are strongly linked by robust disulfide chemical bonds. Hair growth is a continuous process - hair generation and shedding follow back to back. The process is accompanied by hair loss or new hair generation. Typically, the life cycle of hair consists of three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen.
Common Hair and Scalp Problems
Hair problems and scalp problems are many, and they are closely interrelated. Itchy scalp and thin hair affect your hair style and may compel you to consider an effective hair care. Scalp differs from the body skin by having rich supply of grease and prominent hair follicles.

Scalp is affected by many cosmetic procedures like shampooing and perming as well as scalp infections. In case of scalp problems, only the scalp becomes affected, but sometimes they affect the hair too.